Houdini Volume Into Solid R&D FX

Ocean R&D

Eye Piece

Ship sail WIP v02 – Houdini

Beachwaves v4

Kitten 3D personal project



Test: 060 Colon

Test_029: Flocking Fibers

TP Sand solver

Test: 054 Arakis

TEST:047 FEM animated rest

Test_023: Tale of Two Veils

Facial animation test

Dancing Lava

Giant’s Causeway – Houdini

ILMxLAB Launch

Giants Causeway Waves VFX Demo

Nvidia Hairworks – Long Hair

Submarine Surface Breach – RnD

MiarmyRBD Ocean Test

Monster battles WIP

the Vampyre of Time and Memory

Zombie Head Destruction- FX RnD