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Check out this amazing 3D animated short film called “Geoff” as a young chef obsessed with beans from a young age, hones his culinary genius to create the most delectable can of beans known to man… but one woman changed everything!. Created by our good friends over at Assembly LTD for Y&R’s Heinz campaign. For more information, please see the details and links below.

Watch the film to see how Geoff came to invent a Heinz Beanz can size, perfect for every Aussie.

Music by Franklin Road, for Kraft Heinz Australia.

Facebook http://l.facebook.com/l/1AQGpqcBkAQGTuOQu9IzW48zxblk4ZZUa3R_KgB1cep6Pbw/www.assemblyltd.com

Assembly is a production company with a core team of directors, filmmakers, concept artists, graphic designers, developers, engineers, vfx specialists, 3D artists and animators. We combine these skills to meet any brief and craft award winning work. We have been doing this from Auckland, New Zealand since 2010.

Campaign created by Y&R NZ and Assembly Ltd, with music by Franklin Road, for Kraft Heinz Australia. Credits: Assembly http://www.assemblyltd.com/ Agency. Y & R NZ Director. Damon Duncan. Client. Kraft Heinz Australia Executive Producer. Amanda Chambers. Technical Director. Rhys Dippie. Character Design. Josh Fourt-Wells. 3D Artists. Geoff Kirk-Smith. Craig Speakman. Alex McLeod. Katie Naeher. Damon Duncan. Rhys Dippie. Marcos Felgueira Godoy. Anastasia Fileva. Patrick Blades. Andrii Kryvuila. Gustavo Soares. Alex Scollay. Designer. Scott Wilson. Grade. Pete Ritchie.


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