Imaginary Forces – Sapporo “Lounge”

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Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
IF Creative Directors: Michelle Dougherty, Karin Fong
IF Executive Producer: Ben Apley
IF Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
IF Senior Producer: Brian Butcher
IF Lead Illustrator / Designer: Arisu Kashiwagi
IF Designers: Michelle Dougherty, Karin Fong, Charles Khoury, Arisu Kashiwagi, My Tran, Kris Fortin, Wes Yang
IF Animators: Eric Demeusy, Joseph Langmuir, Gary Hebert, Meats Meier, Pota Tseng, Michael Rogers, Lindsey Butterworth, Sam Ortiz, Eugene Goryachev, Maziar Majd
IF Lead Editors: Keith Roberts, Michael Radtke
IF Editors: Nathaniel Park, Danielle White, Phil Jackson, Stacy Auckland
IF Assistant Editor: Alex Frankel
IF Inferno Artist: Eric Mason
IF Storyboard Artist: Bernard Custodio
IF Coordinators: Dominick Guglielmo, Joseph Abou-Sakher, Nicole Zschiesche, Ryan Speers
IF Design Interns: Lisa Chen, Jeannie Park, Hannah Kim, Katherine Liang,

Production Company: IF Live
Director: Michelle Dougherty, Karin Fong
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Producer: Brian Butcher
Director of Photography: John Lynch
VFX Supervisor: Eric Mason
Production Services (SA): The Big Picture
Producer: Nicola Corte

Advertising Agency: DentsuBos
Advertiser: Sleeman Breweries Ltd.
Agency Producer: Dena Thompson
Agency Creative Directors: Andy Manson, Andy McKay, Wade Hasson
Agency Copywriter: Shelly Dwyer

Color Correction: Incendio
Colorist: Clark Mueller

Music and Sound Design: Vapor Music
Creative Directer: Joey Serlin
Executive Prodcuer: Lindsey Bates
Head Engineer: Julian Rudd

Category: Commercials

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