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Framestore shows its cross-platform capabilities yet again, bringing Marvel character Hulk to life on both film and commercial platforms.

The Film team in London and Integrated Advertising team in Los Angeles collaborated on the latest CG characterization of Hulk, for upcoming Marvel Studios releases and Renault commercial ‘Renault Kwid’.

Shot in São Paulo by Director Jonathan Gurvit, the ‘Renault Kwid’ adventure opens with a man imagining what the Hulk would do as news breaks that a satellite is falling towards Earth. Framestore artists fired Hulk into action, with his signature leaps and bounds taking him to the top of the Banco Banespa building, before smashing the explosive satellite in mid-air.

Famous for his incredible level of superhuman physical ability, Framestore worked to exaggerate Hulk’s strenuous muscle and facial detail. The teams worked closely together to enhance the amount of detail needed in his muscles, including in the rig, muscular weight in animation, textural displacements of veins, lighting art direction to enhance angles, and shot-specific muscle sculpting to refine even further. Other subtle yet essential details of Hulk include peach fuzz on the body, facial stubble and sweat stems.

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