Abstract Reaction

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Enjoy this CGI 3D Animated Short experimental project called Abstract Reaction by the talented Mehdi Hadi! …Over the past few weeks Mehdi has been working on an experimental project called Abstract Reaction. a film about style and exploration of different representations of a spherical form. By using different methods and textures (Particles,liquid,smoke etc…) I tried to make every representation unique with its own dynamic and animation in an abstract way, without losing a round shape. My goal was to see how far I could go with a simple concept and I came up with 50, but for editing purposes and in order to stay dynamic, I preferred to show only 21 however I will show the others in a breakdown or a tutorial.

Thank you and I hope that you’ll enjoy it
Direction / Animation/ Design by Mehdi Hadi
Soundtrack: “Minimalism” by Fugu vibes
3D : Cinema 4D, Realflow, TurbulenceFD
Render enginer: Octane Render,
Compositing: After Effects,
Mehdi, Hadi
Instagram: instagram.com/mehdi4d/
Mail: mehdi.hadi@free.fr


Category: Short Films

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