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Enjoy Beautiful Dreamer a sci-fi, time travel tale set in a striking near future world of drones, robots, holograms and transport pods. But it’s also a personal story. A mother, facing a terminal disease, leaves her baby daughter and travels into space at near-light speed. Using relativity, she is able to stretch her final two years over her daughter’s entire lifetime but is only able to visit her daughter for one night every seven years. The visits are sometimes sad and sometimes beautiful. The daughter reaches her own mother’s age and then passes far beyond that while the mother is left stranded at the same age she was when she first left. The characters are torn apart by the same technology that unites them – briefly – over a lifetime.


A film by David Gaddie
Jo Armeniox, Natalie Smith,
Lynn Cohen
Produced by David Gaddie, Quentin Little
Casting Director Donna DeSeta
Screenplay by David Gaddie, Steven Kelleher
Based on Memories of My Mother by Ken Liu
Executive Producers Declan Baldwin, Ken Liu
Director of Photography Shawn Greene
Production Designer Jonathan Dib Sanchez
Costume Designers Irene Bilo & Seth Chernoff
Post-Production Afterparty VFX
Music and Sound Design by Nylon Studios
Composer Guy Brown
Music Producer Mark Beckhaus
Sound Design Simon Lister
Directed by David Gaddie

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Twitter: BDreamerFilm


Category: Short Films

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