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Enjoy this CGI Animated Short Film…An elderly man sits in his small dinghy, fishing in a lake. The surface of the lake reflects the starry sky. After awhile, the fisherman’s line tugs, and he begins reeling it in. On the end of the line is a glowing, pulsating star. The elderly man, visibly excited, puts the star in a jar and begins rowing back to shore. The man arrives back at his cabin. He makes his way to a small room, an elderly woman lies still on a bed, sleeping. The elderly man sits down on a chair beside her, and she slowly wakes up. After they greet each other, the man presents the jar to his wife. He opens the jar and together the couple watches the star float upwards. The star floats to the ceiling, joining a collection of other stars, making an indoor night sky.

Starlight was made by seven students at Media Design School in New Zealand. It was made over a period of eight weeks and was the student’s first attempt at making a CG film.

The original concept for Starlight came from the want to create a short film which created an emotive response from an audience and stayed with them long after viewing it.

Original score for the film by Stephan Gailer

Credit List
Written and Directed by Naru Barker
Producer: Benjamin Bolscher
Composer & Sound Designer: Stephan Gailer
Animator: Laura Korver-Pluijlaar
CG Artists: Benjamin Bolscher, Maighan Light, Naru Barker, Stephan Gailer
Compositors: Jessica Taylor, Yilin Wang


Category: Short Films

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