The Warden – CGI Cinematic Trailer – Tesi IED 2017

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Check out this beautifully rendered stylized cinematic short called “The Warden” about an alien space warden and her mission to stop a cult trying to awaken an ancient power lying hidden inside a temple located in the depths of an unknown planet! Created by the talented team of Francesco Massaro, Alex Lorini, Andrea Gandola, and Riccardo Favaro while studying at IED Milano! For more information, please see the details and links below:

Francesco Massaro – Compositing / Texturing / Shading / Rendering

Alex Lorini – FX / Rendering

Andrea Gandola – Animation / Rigging

Riccardo Favaro – Sculpting / Concept

Giacomo De Cillis –
Gianluca Pizzaia

Pietro Del Pinto – Sound Design, Soundtrack, Foley
Davide Colombi – Sound Design, Foley
Alessandro Scirea – Soundtrack, Foley

Sound Supervisors:
Matteo Milani – Supervisor
Claudio Gabbiani – Supervisor Assistant


Category: Short Films

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