Glimpse of War: 2015 VFX Showcase by Jesse Pitela

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For the love of the CV-22 Osprey, which I think just may be one of the coolest machines built by man, here’s my new showcase of visual effects – mainly focused on FX and compositing. Basically my FumeFX bootcamp. There are 17 VFX shots total and all smoke and fire simulations were made by me, apart from the 2 shots at 0:19 where I used stock muzzle flashes and dust. I’m responsible for the Osprey and SA-6 missile launcher 3D models, all other models are stock (though I re-did the texturing and materials on most all of them)

Software used includes Boujou (majority of the shots are 3D tracked), 3Ds Max, FumeFX, Vray and Scanline for rendering, After Effects for compositing, Premiere for editing. Music is licensed from audiojungle.

Drone for the aerial shots was piloted by Peter Agalos. All footage is ours. No stock footage was used. Locations include Morro Bay and Templeton, California.

A huge thanks goes to the guys from an Airsoft group called AFO Alpha – I asked them for help and 13 of them showed up and ran and did stuff for me in the heat and I really appreciate it. You can check them out at

Also thank you to Jonathan Hintergardt for helping me with the shoot

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