Animals & Creatures Reel by The Mill

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Editor: Theo Gibara
Music: Justice ‘New Lands’
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00:05 SSE ‘Pier’
00:07 Off! ‘Moose’
00:10 B&Q ‘Zebra’
00:12 Valspar ‘Choices’
00:13 SSE ‘Boiler Rescue’—boiler-rescue
00:16 Waitrose ‘Coming Home’
00:21 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’
00:24 Honda ‘Bird’
00:26 VW ‘Beetle’—beetle
00:30 Opel ‘Racing Faces’
00:32 Dr. Pepper ‘Hermit Crab’
00:34 Waitrose ‘Coming Home’
00:36 AMF ‘Caterpillar’
00:38 DirecTV ‘Opulence’
00:39 Three ‘Go Roam’
00:42 Opel ‘Racing Faces’
00:44 PETA ‘98% Human’
00:50 Samsung ‘Butterflies’
00:51 Terminix ‘Stakeout’
00:53 McVities ‘Seal’
00:55 Marks & Spencer ‘Mrs. Claus’
00:56 Kohl’s ‘Holiday Magic’
00:58 Emerson ‘Wolf’
01:02 Kia ‘The Perfect Getaway Vehicle’—the-perfect-getaway-vehicle
01:03 Smithwick’s ‘Squirrel’
01:06 O2 ‘Follow the Rabbit
01:10 Blue Cross ‘Survive
01:13 Third Wheel
01:15 Samsung ‘Whale’
01:17 Mr. Kipling ‘Pink Elephant’
01:20 TNT ‘Rhino’
01:21 Kia ‘Hero’s Journey’
01:21 Rynkeby ‘Orange Juice’
01:24 SSE RWC Idents
01:26 Three ‘Go Binge’
01:33 Monster ‘Opportunity Roars’
01:37 Kia ‘Hero’s Journey’
01:39 Dr. Pepper ‘Hermit Crab’
01:40 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’
01:41 Costa Rica ‘Save the Americans’
01:43 Angry Birds ‘They Started It’

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