ONIRIKAL STUDIO – VFX & 3D Animation REEL 2017/18

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Visual effects and 3D animation reel 2017/2018 of Onirikal Studio.
Some digital work made by our company during the last year. Visual effects for feature film, TV and advertising, 3D animation, creatures, set extension, 3D modeling, lighting, render, compositing, preproduction, production and post production, character design, particle simulation, fluid simulation, etc…



Facebook: facebook.com/onirikalstudio
Twitter: twitter.com/onirikalvfx
IMDB Onirikal Studio: imdb.com/company/co0290945/
IMDB Luis Tinoco: imdb.com/name/nm3324609/
LinkedIN, Luis Tinoco: linkedin.com/in/luistinocovfx
LInkedIN Onirikal : linkedin.com/company/onirikal-studio
Youtube Channel : youtube.com/user/OnirikalStudio
Vimeo Channel: Onirikal Studio – Visual Effects & 3D Animation@OnirikalVFX

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