Moonlight Blade Cinematic Trailer

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Check out this beautiful CGI 3D Animated Cinematic Trailer for “NEXON Moonlight Blade” created by the talented team at Alfred Imageworks! Moonlight Blade is an upcoming MMORPG published by Nexon.


The initiative for ‘3D animations and incorporate design’ as “Alfred Imageworks’ was established in 2003. As a ‘motion graphic’ company, Alfred has been involved in various projects such as advertising, broadcasting design, animation, film, and interactive design for nearly 15 years. Currently, Alfred focuses on 3D-character animation and game cinematic production.

Client : NEXON

Production Company : Alfred Imageworks
Executive Producer : Yoo Sungjin
Producer : Jeong Jiwon
Production Manager : Kim miae
Coordinator : Yeo Honey, Jung Helen
Director : Yoon Hyunho
Art Director : Lee Sangdon
CGI Supervisor : Choi Heeseok, Kim Geunmo, Seong Jeonghun
Animation Supervisor : Kang Byoungho
Previsual Supervisor : Kim Sanggon
Concept Artists : Lee Sangdon
Previz & Layout Artist : Yoon Hyunho, Lee Kitak, Yeo Dayeong, Baek Kihwan, Rho Seemin, Lee Jonghun
Asset Artists : Choi Heeseok, Kim Hongseok, Jang Moonsun, Park Yeongjin, Kim Minseok, Yu Sungbu, Kim Minseo, Lee wooram
Rigging Artist: Kim Geunmo
Animators : Rho Seemin, Lee Jonghun, Sa Yeondong, kwon Soonhee
Hair Simulation : Choi Heeseok
Cloth Simulation : Choi Heeseok
FX Artists : Seong Jeonghun, Kim Minsik, Park Sangki, Jang Jeongung
Lighting & Compositing : Jang Dongoh, Lee Kitak, Yeo Dayeong,Baek Kihwan, Yoon Hyunho
Editor : Yoon Hyunho

Motion Capture : Dooree System Technology
Motion Capture Action Director : Choi Bongrok (S.A.S)
Motion Capture Actor : Seoul Action School
Clay Modeling : Won Jeongin
3D Capture : Creare
Asset : JSC Games, Guffaw, D3D, Seo Sooncheol, Creative Gene Studio
Simulation : MONK Studio
Matte Painting : Lee sunhee
Sound Design : Limelight

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