Pacific Life “Projections”

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A family gets a surprisingly up-close look at the graceful choreography of a pod of humpback whales in “Projections,” a thirty-second ad for the insurance company Pacific Life that was produced by humble and directed by Sorrel Brae.

To achieve the effects seen in “Projections” – all of which were accomplished in-camera, without the use of computer-generated imagery – Brae and his crew combined complex 3D projection mapping techniques with extensive post production finishing and live action work.  Working on a large soundstage in Los Angeles, they built what appears to be an actual museum set but in reality is a series of adjoining and overlapping screens.  Working with six high-resolution projectors provided by Background Images, the actors interacted with images that were projected onto these screens. The scenes were then captured in live action on digital cameras shooting at 6K resolution.

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